Dr. Saeid Aryan

meet dr. aryan

Dr. Saeid Aryan is a world-renowned, board-certified neurosurgeon who prefers patient interaction to any kind of spotlight.


“I enjoy getting to know my patients and educating them about their conditions and about the various treatment options that are available to them,” Dr. Aryan said. “My goal is to not only give them the best outcome but to ensure they have the best experience possible.”


Dr. Aryan believes that patients should be armed with knowledge and understanding so they can make the best decisions possible.


For those patients who will end up needing surgery, Dr. Aryan’s aim is to combine the least invasive procedure with the most effective, proven treatment available today.


“My best moment as a surgeon is seeing my patients walking around pain-free and ready to take the world on again,” he said.


Dr. Aryan completed his residency in neurological surgery at Ohio University where he served as Chief Resident. He earned his medical degree at New York Institute of Technology, College of Osteopathic Medicine and his undergraduate at the University of Maryland, where he graduated cum laude.


While at Ohio University COM-Riverside Methodist/Grant Medical Center, Dr. Aryan served as a clinical instructor in the Department of Neurosurgery where he participated in teaching and mentoring both the basic sciences and clinical medicine. Through his active participation in clinical research still today, Dr. Aryan remains at the forefront of new surgical development and first line treatment for spinal disease.

Specialty Areas

Dr. Aryan specializes in first-line surgical treatment of brain pathologies and spinal disorders such as degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, and spinal deformity among many others. He provides the most advanced open and minimally invasive treatment options available today while maintaining a comprehensive, compassionate and cost conscious approach to treating each individual patient. 


Watch the video

Watch this short video to hear from Dr. Aryan about how and why he started Axis Brain & Back, and what that means for you, the patient.