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“I remember each and every person who has helped me along my journey. I want to have that same kind of impact on others – to truly help them. My approach with each patient is to arm them with the knowledge and understanding needed to make the best decision for them. My commitment is to combine the least invasive with the most effective, proven treatment available today.”

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The prospect of any brain or spine surgery can be intimidating, but it helps to have a spinal doctor by your side who will care for you and offers the utmost care for your needs and situation. Board Certified Neurosurgeon Dr. Saeid Aryan at Axis Brain & Back Institute in Ft. Worth, Texas is the spine surgeon you can trust.

Dr. Aryan isn’t just an average Neurosurgeon. He places an emphasis on treating his patients as if they are family. He listens carefully to their needs and provides knowledge that leads to the best decision for each unique situation.

Each member of our compassionate staff strives to make the patient feel welcome and comfortable. When a patient comes to Axis Brain and Back Institute with spine surgery in mind, we’re committed to giving them everything they need to make an informed decision about their treatment plan. No one should have to suffer through a lifetime of back pain.

Gone are the days of lengthy, invasive back surgeries and extensive recovery times. Thanks to advances in technology, such spine surgeries aren’t usually necessary. In most cases, minimally invasive surgery is just as or even more effective than a more invasive method. Some of the major benefits to minimally invasive back surgeries include a higher accuracy rate, less pain, and shorter hospital stay and overall recovery time.

Axis Brain and Back Institute specializes in providing the most advanced treatment options for individuals with brain, back, neck and spinal disorders. Dr. Aryan addresses each patient’s condition with innovative, minimally invasive, cost-conscious treatments. This ensures back surgery patients achieve the best outcomes possible.

Patients come to Axis Brain and Back Institute with many common conditions, including herniated disc, sciatica, scoliosis, and degenerative disc disease, as well as many less common conditions. Dr. Aryan works directly with patients to both identify the back pain and show them why they are feeling it. This allows the patients to make informed decisions about their treatment plans. Dr. Aryan has an excellent accuracy rate as a spine surgeon in Fort Worth, Texas.

You can learn more about many of the medical services provided by the Axis Brain & Back Institute here. We feel that the more you know about your treatment plan the better, so you’ll find brochures and downloads detailing the effects of the different head, peripheral, and spine surgeries performed.



98% of patients recommend
  • Experts in minimally invasive surgery
  • Dedicated to providing a full range of nonsurgical and surgical care for people with neck and back pain
  • Treatment of bone spurs, bulging disc, degenerative disc disease, facet disease, herniated disc, pinched nerve, scoliosis, sciatica, slipped disc and other conditions

Is pain holding you back from achieving your dreams and aspirations?

The Axis Brain & Back Institute is located at 9525 N. Beach Street, Suite 405 in Fort Worth, TX 76244. Contact us to schedule an appointment online today or give us a call at 817-502-7411. We look forward to helping you experience pain relief you would have never thought possible!

Patients are very happy with the level of concern and care that Dr. Aryan has for them. He sits down with them when they come in, identifies problems, and recommends solutions that get them on the road to recovery as quickly as possible. That is why he has such a great reputation when it comes to degenerative disc disease and sciatic nerve repair surgery in Fort Worth, Texas.

What People Say

Our Testimonials

“For 2 years I was passed around, poked, and prodded by more than 10 doctors. I was then referred to go see Dr. Aryan and my experience with him was absolutely wonderful. On a scale of 1-10 I would give him an easy 11! It was amazing because he saw and diagnosed me on a Friday and I was set for surgery on Tuesday. Dr. Aryan easily saw my problem that every other doctor overlooked. I was suffering from a blown disc, and he was straight to the point and told me exactly what I needed. I am way more than satisfied with Dr. Aryan. I have already referred him to a friend, and would refer him to anyone else suffering from back pain.”

Gary S.

“My sciatica pain was unbearable. Dr. Aryan solved that problem. The moment I woke up in recovery, I immediately noticed the pain was completely gone. I haven’t felt this good in years. Dr. Aryan is outstanding!”

Micheal H.

“Before I went and saw Dr. Aryan I was suffering from the worst pain of my life. I was even admitted into the hospital for 4 days to be given strong enough pain medicine. It got to the point that I couldn’t sit down or stand up without excruciating pain. I had received surgery before but that didn’t fix it. Dr. Aryan did my second surgery and he is a miracle worker. He has genuine compassion and is truly concerned about his patients’ well being. I would give the entire practice the highest of honors. Adriana, at the front desk was super helpful. Even, his wife talked to me and made me feel like family. Thank you to Dr. Aryan and your staff at Axis Brain and Back Institute!”

Kevin M.


Don't let pain ruin your quality of life! Dr. Aryan and his staff can assist you in understanding your options.