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What People Say

Both hands were completely numb. Doctor Rubin was worried that I wouldn’t get feeling back due to the severity of injuries. But as soon as the anesthesia wore off the feeling came back. I have had other surgeries and none were as successful as this one- Alan Bauer

Alan B.

“I would recommend Dr. Rubin to anyone after my experience with Dr. Rubin and his staff. He is very professional and will spend time with you explaining all options. I had herniated disc @ L5-S1 and couldn’t walk too good or stand too long. I had very bad pain. Dr. Rubin performed a discectomy and I’m doing well today. The extreme pain is gone and I’m getting back to work.If you are in search of a neurosurgeon, call Dr. David Rubin.”

Allen Wolfe

“For 2 years I was passed around, poked, and prodded by more than 10 doctors. I was then referred to go see Dr. Aryan and my experience with him was absolutely wonderful. On a scale of 1-10 I would give him an easy 11! It was amazing because he saw and diagnosed me on a Friday and I was set for surgery on Tuesday. Dr. Aryan easily saw my problem that every other doctor overlooked. I was suffering from a blown disc, and he was straight to the point and told me exactly what I needed. I am way more than satisfied with Dr. Aryan. I have already referred him to a friend, and would refer him to anyone else suffering from back pain.”

Gary S.

Dr. Rubin are AWESOME! You can not go wrong- if you go anywhere else you went to the wrong place!! Everyone has been very helpful. You cannot go wrong. Jessica is amazing. -Jeanette


I had severe pain from my low back, to my left leg. So bad I could no walk or stand for any length of time. Had a bulging disc at LS-S1. Back injections did not give me relief. Had a macro discectomy as outpatient, and I am pain free! – Jenny H.

Jenny H.

“Before I went and saw Dr. Aryan I was suffering from the worst pain of my life. I was even admitted into the hospital for 4 days to be given strong enough pain medicine. It got to the point that I couldn’t sit down or stand up without excruciating pain. I had received surgery before but that didn’t fix it. Dr. Aryan did my second surgery and he is a miracle worker. He has genuine compassion and is truly concerned about his patients’ well being. I would give the entire practice the highest of honors. Adriana, at the front desk was super helpful. Even, his wife talked to me and made me feel like family. Thank you to Dr. Aryan and your staff at Axis Brain and Back Institute!”

Kevin M.


Don't let pain ruin your quality of life! Dr. Aryan and Dr. Rubin can help you understand all your treatment options!