Micro Endoscopic Discectomy Surgery


Chronic spinal issues can cause severe pain and discomfort for those affected, often leading to debilitating injuries which can disrupt normal life and cause problems carrying out everyday functions. In some cases, nerve roots in the spine can become compressed, causing pain in areas such as the legs or lower back, depending on where the compression is occurring.
At Axis Brain & Back Institute, we understand the toll this can take on those impacted. In the case of many of our patients, years of chronic pain has impacted their ability to fully live the life they want. Our minimally invasive surgeries can help ease this pain, with procedures that offer shorter recovery times.

One of these procedures is known as a Micro Discectomy, which is a surgery which relieves the compression of nerve roots in the lumbar spine. This provides more room for the nerve to heal, helping ease chronic pain in a long lasting way, so you don’t have to rely on temporary solutions.

Don’t let chronic pain take control of your life. Get BACK@IT and schedule your free MRI review with Dr. Aryan today. We take a personalized look into your medical history to make sure that we find the best solutions to the issues you are having.

About Micro Discectomy

For various reasons, there are times when the nerves in the spinal cord become compressed, causing damage and sending pain or numbness throughout affected areas of the body. The purpose of the Micro Discectomy surgery is to relieve this compression and remove overgrown vertebral bone. The surgeon first uses a portable x-ray machine to identify the diseased vertebral bone levels, and then makes a small incision on the back in that area. The surgeon carefully creates a channel that allows for access to the afflicted area while decreasing any exposure to the surrounding tissue and muscle, which helps to decrease the recovery time. The excess tissue or bone is removed from around the nerve root, relieving pressure and clearing the nerve roots of any obstruction.

MicroEndoscopic Discectomy Recovery Time

This procedure is typically an outpatient surgery, so there is no overnight hospital stay required. Usual activity level can be resumed within a few weeks, because of the shorter recovery period thanks to the minimally invasive nature of the surgery.

Frequent Symptoms Helped by Micro Discectomy


When nerve roots are compressed in the spinal cord, symptoms can vary depending on the person, based on their medical history, the source of the compression, and the severity of it. However, there are some typical symptoms that see relief after a Micro Discectomy.

Sharp pains – Due to the compression, a patient will usually experience recurring, sharp pains, often in the leg or lower back. These can often be debilitating and lead to a loss in the quality of life.

Weakness – Often, a patient will experience weakness, especially in the back when trying to perform a high level of activities which require bending or stretching.

If you are experiencing these types of symptoms or believe that you have chronic pain due to spinal cord issues, contact our office today to help see if we can help. Let Dr. Aryan, and our staff help you get BACK@IT with a free MRI review and consultation. Our minimally invasive procedures can help you live a more normal life where you can focus on the things you want!




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