Minimally Invasive Foraminotomy


If you are experiencing chronic neck pain, or a shooting type of pain down your arm or fingers, you may be suffering from a cervical spine condition. Often, if the pain does not subside, it hurts the quality of life in those suffering from it and can lead to a debilitating decrease in activity.

At Axis Brian & Back Institute, we understand and can help the pain that you are going through. We specialize in minimally invasive spine surgery which is specially constructed to treat spine conditions with a lower infection risk and shorter recovery times than more traditional open back and open neck surgeries. Our patients will attest that we have helped provide solutions after years of chronic pain that took away their ability to perform even basic functions every day.

Our minimally invasive surgeries are performing by making a small incision, so you have shorter recovery times. A Foraminotomy not only treats the pain, but heals the condition to help you find lasting relief.

If you are experiencing chronic pain that you believe is caused by a compressed or pinched nerve in your spine, contact Dr. Aryan or any member of our spine care team to learn more about our Foraminotomy procedure to find out if it is the right treatment option for you. Don’t let pain control your life, but get BACK@IT and schedule your free MRI review so we can go over your medical history.

About Minimally Invasive Foraminotomy

The foraminotomy procedure is performed to relieve the pain that is caused by foraminal stenosis. The foramina is a narrow passageway on either side of your vertebrae which helps the nerve roots travel from the spinal cord to the rest of the body. However, sometimes, this passageway can grow narrower due to spinal conditions such as a bulging disc, which is when foraminal stenosis happens.

Our minimally invasive foraminal procedure removes the cause of the nerve compression in the foramina, helping to provide you with lasting relief from your chronic pain. This can be done without impacting the muscles around the discs, keeping your spine fully stable and leading to the shorter recovery times that we experience.

Being that the foramina carries the nerve roots to the other side of the body, any compression or obstruction of the nerves can have a life-changing impact due to the pain caused. If you are going through this, let Dr. Aryan help you decide if this is the right procedure to help you get BACK@IT.

Frequent Symptoms Helped by Foraminotomy

While symptoms can be different depending on the person, the severity of the injury, and the cause of the injury, there are some common symptoms that get treated by the Foraminotomy procedure. Among them are:

– Numbness and stiffness – For those suffering from foraminal stenosis in the lower back, there is often a feeling of numbness or stiffness in the back and legs, which gets worse when you maintain the same position for a period of time.

– Sharp pain – Many patients experience sharp or shooting pain in the buttocks and leg or shoulder and arm, depending on where the obstruction is occurring. In the most serious cases, this shooting pain can even reach the foot or hand.

– Lack of bladder and bowel control
– While rare, this symptom can occur during extreme cases of foraminal stenosis. Those suffering these symptoms should look for medical help right away.

If you find yourself experiencing any of these conditions, contact us today to schedule your free MRI review so we can help you find a treatment option that is right for you. Don’t let pain take over your life, but take control and find a solution that will get you back to living the life you want!



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