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Most of us have a daily routine we don’t think about much. We get out of bed, pour some coffee, shower, brush our teeth and prepare breakfast. Some of us drop the kids off at school, some of us sit in traffic for an hour before arriving at work, and some of us take the family dog for a quick walk. Throughout the day, we work, we play, we attend our kids’ activities, etc. At the end of the day, we climb into bed, ready for a repeat performance the following morning. Each daily routine may look different than someone else’s, but no matter what it entails, it probably takes the ability to perform those tasks for granted. Unfortunately, when we experience back pain, even the most basic life skills can become extremely painful and even impossible. Simple things like tying shoes turn into monumental events.

Physical Therapy at Axis Brain and Back

When patients experience an injury, key elements of their musculoskeletal system are disrupted. This can result in pain and ultimately limit an individual’s ability to perform daily activities. There’s an old saying that goes, "You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone." It’s true – you don’t think about things like putting on socks until you find that putting on socks is too painful to do.

The mission of Axis Brain and Back Institute is to provide a safe, private, and a peaceful environment to allow patients to establish a healthy and happy journey towards wellness and function. Whether your first milestone is to be able to paint your own toenails or run a half marathon, we are there to inform, guide, and assist you in reaching your goals.

When it comes to neurological injuries, physical therapy can play a key role in both conservative and post-operative management to facilitate recovery and improved function. Physical therapist Jerry Valentine’s patients receive a hands-on approach of manual therapy and one-on-one instruction in exercise to address their individual needs. He strongly emphasizes patient education to achieve long lasting results.

Physical Therapy with Jerry Valentine, PT

Recovery is an ongoing process that starts in the office and continues in your daily life. The techniques you’ll learn in our PT room are much more effective when they are practiced at home as well. Just like any skill, the more you practice, the easier it gets. The more you know about your condition, the better and more precise your efforts in home practice will be. Having knowledge about your condition and the treatment will help you to push yourself enough to gain optimal results without taking it too far and experiencing a setback.

Our new physical therapy room is an integral part of the treatment you’ll receive at Axis Brain and Back Institute. Our physical therapist Jerry diligently keeps up with the latest techniques in the field. Those techniques combined with state of the art technology ensure that you’ll be back to your regular daily activities quickly. Jerry understands that each patient’s process and progress is unique, and it is in this room that you’ll gain the practice and skills to leave your pain and mobility issues behind.

The philosophy of Axis Brain and Back Institute is to provide a safe and compassionate care facility that helps patients return to active life as soon as possible. Whether your version of life consists of finger painting with your preschooler or hiking Mount Everest, our goal is to get you there quickly, safely and with a high degree of respect and compassion.

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