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Every day we wake up and do our morning tasks to get ready for the day. From getting the kids ready for school, going to work, running errands to just doing things around the house. Maybe you have hobbies or love playing sports or being active. Our daily routines can feel rough and tiresome on their own. The ability to do them can get harder and harder when unwanted pain unexpectedly makes tasks seem impossible to complete.  When we experience pain, even the most basic tasks can become too difficult to do.

When you suffer an injury from sports, the consequences of a physically demanding job, the impact of the natural aging process, or other experiences, it can result in pain that no one wants to endure.  Physical Therapy can help you take charge and gain control of the situation through rebuilding strength and movement taken away by your ailments.  

Our mission at Axis is to provide a safe, comfortable environment to assist our patients in restoring happiness, wellness, and function.  Whether your first milestone is to be able to tie your shoes or to participate in triathlon, we are here to educate, guide and support you in reaching your current and future goals.

We  are excited to  welcome Dr. Luke Kane to our Axis Physical therapy team. Dr. Kane will be working with patients, utilizing his  hands-on approach to rehab therapy and one-on-one instruction, in our new Southlake location. Our Southlake physical therapy clinic offers a wide range of treatment options to our patients that make it easier to tailor each recovery plan to their specific needs.

Dr. Luke Kane graduated from UT Southwestern School of Health Professions as a doctor of physical therapy in 2020 following undergraduate coursework at Texas Wesleyan..

Dr. Kane has a passion for treating orthopedic injuries and helping people get out of pain. He prides himself on staying up to date with current research in rehabilitation and physical therapy. In addition to treating the spine, Dr. Kane has experience treating vestibular dysfunction, shoulder impingement/rotator cuff issues, plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis and Parkinson’s among other diagnoses.

Outside of work, Dr. Kane enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, riding his mountain bike, hiking, and lifting weights. He can’t wait to help you get back to feeling 100%!

For more information about scheduling an appointment with Dr. Kane at our Southlake physical therapy location please contact our office at 817-756-9892.

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