Neck Exercises

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A PAIN IN THE NECK Daily living, poor posture, and injury can often result in tight neck muscles. Neck pain is an extremely common condition that affects the general population. Here are a few easy exercises that can help relieve neck pain. Stretching your neck can have a positive impact on pain, posture, and overall […]

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On The Road To Recovery After Surgery

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Who will help me start my recovery in the hospital after I have had neurosurgery? Skilled professionals will assess your needs and make sure you get the care you need as healing begins. Hospitalist. A physician who specializes in the care of patients during the hospital stay and works closely with the surgeon’s team to […]

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What Do the Words on My MRI Mean?

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If you are experiencing back, neck or joint pain. A medical provider may recommend you have a magnetic resonance imaging study or MRI. The MRI is a form of imaging that is useful in seeing the body’s internal structure. MRI scans are analyzed by radiologists and other physicians trained to read the imaging. Many of […]

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What Happens During a Single-Level Cervical Fusion?

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The surgery is termed an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion, or ACDF for short. When a patient undergoes a single-level cervical fusion surgery, it is typically a two part process: Decompression. The surgeon removes the intervertebral disc between the adjacent vertebrae, as well as any other structures that might be irritating a spinal nerve or […]

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How to Relieve Stress Before and After Surgery

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Ask questions. Talk with your healthcare providers about your surgery. Surgery can commonly cause anxiety, feelings of being overwhelmed, and nervousness. These feelings can make it difficult to understand, remember, and retain important information. Discuss any fears. Write questions down before you come to your pre op teaching appointment. Take notes. If you think of […]

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Spinal Spinal Cord Compression. Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

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The spinal cord starts at the base of the skull and ends in the lower thoracic or upper lumbar area of the spine. At each level of the spine, nerves leave the spinal cord to innervate parts of the body. In the cervical spine, or neck area, these nerves provide sensation and movement to the […]

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Is a back brace good for my low back pain?

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Back braces come in many shapes and sizes providing different levels of lumbar (low back) support. Some braces require prescriptions from your doctors. Others can be ordered online or bought at a local stores. While back braces can be helpful for some injuries, there are pros and cons when using back braces. A back brace […]

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Smoking and Spinal Surgery

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Just how bad does nicotine impact spinal fusion? What do I need to know to help my chances of successfully quitting smoking? Spinal fusion (also termed arthrodesis) is a surgical procedure used to join bony segments of the spine. Fusion techniques are often used in coordination with decompressive surgery in which bone spurs, unhealthy joints, […]

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Patients often ask about the practice of Yoga. Patients that suffer from back or neck pain, have undergone surgery, or are needing surgery want to know if yoga would help them improve their pain. Below is a recent question from on of my patients and my response. Patient’s Question: I would like to start yoga, […]

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What is a bone spur?

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Patients often come to our office after being diagnosed with a “bone spur” that was seen on an x-ray, MRI or CT scan of their spine. Many times patients are told that the bone spur is the cause of their pain. Bone spurs in the spine may cause symptoms, however, often these are painless findings […]

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