Billy’s Story

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We are so proud of our patient Billy C! He initially came to see Dr. Rubin in January this year. In a few short weeks he went from living a very active life to requiring a wheelchair to get around. Even eating for Billy was difficult because he no longer had the strength or coordination to use a fork and knife. In addition, he was having troublesome numbness and tingling in his arms and hands.

A cervical (neck) MRI revealed severe cervical stenosis compressing the spinal cord in his neck. Spinal cord compression causes disruption of the communication pathways between the brain and extremities. As a result, patients with spinal cord compression often have coordination problems, muscle weakness, poor balance and sensory loss. Dr. Rubin performed neck surgery to relieve the severe pressure on Billy’s cervical spinal cord. After surgery Mr. Crites worked hard with his physical therapist to make a quick and impressive recovery. He’s ditched his wheelchair, got rid of his walker and even passed his drivers test so he can bring his wife to his favorite restaurant again…IHOP!



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